If you’ve experienced a form of abuse
, it is important to remember two things:

  • First, it is not your faultwriting on wall
  • You are not alone

At some point you will need to decide whether you want to report an incident to the police or not. We understand this is not an easy decision for many people.  Remember there is no time limit on reporting an incident.

You may also decide to seek support. If so, we are here to help and provide you with a range of free services. These include our support and outreach service which is designed to provide practical help and support, and our counselling service, which can help you come to terms with your experience and move forward with your life. We can also help direct you to other support services. Our services are available to men, women, children and young people.

Someone you know has experienced abuse

Information for parents

If you are caring for a child who has been sexually abused, you may have a combination of worries and unanswered questions. Although you may be overcome with a variation of feelings yourself, your child will be in need or your support and strength. To gain more information on how you can support them through their counselling please read the Information for parents leaflet.